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The Amazon Appeal Process

The Amazon Appeal Process

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What Is The Appeal Process To Have My Privileges Reinstated?


What To Expect:


Step 1:


The first step we take to assist Amazon seller is provide them with a free consultation. Within our free consultation we communicate with the Amazon seller and may review their situation, suspension, selling account, and communication they have had with Amazon. 


Within this first step we also assess whether our service is appropriate for the Amazon seller and determine whether to accept your case and work with you to reinstate your selling privileges.


Step 2:


Once an Amazon seller's case is accepted by us we may thoroughly research and analyze the root cause of our client's suspension, their business practices and other information pertaining to our client to understand their overall situation and uncover potential critical details that may aid in the reinstatement of their Amazon selling privileges.


Step 3:


Once we thoroughly understand our client's situation, we begin to create and form the plan of action for our clients using all the information we have gathered to build our client's case to have the suspension of their selling privileges overturned.


Step 4:


Once our client's plan of action is created we provide it to our clients along with multi-step instructions that may assist our clients in properly submitting their plan of action and aid in furnishing the quickest response possible from Amazon.


After our clients submit their plan of action they patiently wait for Amazon's response to their appeal indicating they may continue to sell on Amazon.com once again.


Step 2 (Revolving):



Because Amazon's reinstatement process is largely convoluted and dynamic in nature it is possible for Amazon to reject our client's plan of action and request more information and or request a more detailed plan of action. 

If this happens, we take our client's case back to step 2 and may review and re-evaluate our client's details and information in order to modify their case work and or provide them with the additional information Amazon is requesting from them.