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We’re done on this job and I want to let you know I’m very grateful to you and your team, you do amazing work, from the very start with how you put me at ease, and in the thick of the middle of things, ready to regroup so calmly and once again with great confidence.

I’ve seen you work around the clock as I was and I’ve never seen the likes of the way you work, with such a high level of integrity and stamina. You really went above and beyond for what I could have hoped for or expected, by a long shot, including helping me by going over my product page and making suggestions, not to mention composing the thank you letters without any hesitation whatsoever!

Again, my humble thanks, for having my product listing reinstated! And for all your support and hard work =)

Best regards,
— Ann Parker

I used happy amazon seller and my account was reinstated within 24 hours. pricing was fair and it was absolutely easy to deal with him. i would recomend him to anyone who has issues with their amazon account.
side note, yes amazon “seller performance team” are a bunch of a$$hats.
— Julio BCP

When my account got suspended due to a customer making a complaint that the item was unauthentic. I went ahead and made my own appeal. My Appeal was not good enough for Amazon. I started to panic
. I went ahead and googled , read and read . I found a website that helps with the appeal for $500.00 and no guarantees , i paid because it was all automatic. couldn’t even send an email to someone . just fill out the form and they get back to you . I just wasn’t comfortable. i did more research , and found Happy Amazon Seller. I sent them an email . They replied right away and my gut feeling was to go with him. Plus their price was fair! I canceled with the other company. I can not say enough good things about Happy Amazon Seller. They were by my side through emails, phone calls, late hours of the day . They were so professional, honest, friendly, and they know what they are doing, but most important they reinstated my account! I can not be more thankful . Single mom and the only income revenue is Amazon. thank you . your customer forever.
— Jaynna Lerro

Great Service,
I had almost given up any hope. Then i found happy amazon seller. They have given me instructions and after a few days my listing was unblocked, high recommended!!!
— Ferenc D.

Discouragement was not an option for me because I couldn’t lose my business. You gets REALLY helped, I appreciate it. I’m glad I found you guys
— Dennis Potevko, Homemade, Inc
I couldn’t stop panicking when amazon rejected my appeal. I was suggest to this site through the amazon seller group on fave book and it really works, i recommend it to the anyone who needs to get their account reinstated :) thanks again!!
— Daniel Ryan Smith

First I want to thank you for doing this as a probono and not charging me at all. I think it was very honorable for you to help me reinstate my account in the holiday spirit. Secondly, I feel very happy, joyful and blessed to have crossed paths with you. You didn’t just reinstate my account, you also helped me realize what I did wrong and explained in detail, took your time and were patient with me. May you be blessed with much more success. Thank you.
— Felipe H. Trevino

you did exactly what you said and reinstated my account next day and didnt play me. straight up reinstated me thx guys
— Markus Burzlaff

Thank you for helping me reinstate my account. I really appreciate the fact that you guys did not charge the full amount upfront this was a plus for me. I wish you guys the best :)
— WTI World Books, LLC

Happy wouldn’t begin to describe my feels right now. Amazon was pretty much my main source of income and when my account was suspended I didn’t know what to do. I’m glad the happy amazon seller helped me reinstate it.
— Betty Granger


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