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Our Six Amazon Appeal Promises To You

Our Promises To All

Suspended Amazon Sellers

Here are 6 promises you’ll come to love us for after hiring us.

#1 — We Will Almost Never Surprise You

We firmly believe in, follow and enforce a No Surprise Rule.
It states: “Clients should not be surprised by a unknown information, money owed, or the status of work, or the overall scope of work.”

We’ll leave the surprises to your family on your next birthday.

#2 — Our Interactions With You Will Be Productive & Action-Oriented

Every phone call, email and discussion regarding your situation will be beneficial to getting things done. In fact, we strive to ensure our clients know exactly what is going on and what to expect in terms of their suspended account or listings.

We also put you in direct communication with our seller reinstatement team. We feel that in order to have the most productive interactions, you need to collaborate with the people doing the work. This will ensure we provide the best possible service and work to help reinstate your account or listings.

#3 — We Will Ensure we guide you appropiately

Dealing with your reinstatement may leave you feeling confused and lost sometimes. You may even feel like you aren't sure what exactly to do next. We will make sure that we are always here for you to guide you and answer any questions or concerns you may have along the way.

Not only will explaining  help understand what to expect but will also help reduce levels of anxiety and worrisome feelings.  We're here for sellers like you to help them, for when you need us the most.

There may be times where we’ll need to shoot straight with you. Our promise is that we’ll tackle these sometimes tough conversations head on.

Being honest with you moves us into resolution faster and alleviates unnecessary worrying and stress. Regardless if the issue is tactical, strategical or communication — we’re problem solvers. And problem solvers get to the heart of the issue as quickly as possible.

We promise never to avoid issues or serve up — excuse our French — BS.

#4 — We Will Be Honest And Direct, Even In Difficult Conversations

There may be times where we do not attain the results we want the first time. Not because of the quality of our work but because, for reasons out control Amazon may have other objections. Sometimes it may take a second attempt in receiving a favorable response.

In such cases we know how critical it is for our work to be better than the first time and therefore will always strive to doing our work better to ensure our clients always receive the best quality work and service from us.

#5 — We Will Always Strive To Do It Better Next Time

We are incredibly grateful for your business and for placing within us a great amount of trust. By no means do we take this trust for granted. Your belief in Happy Amazon Seller helps us do what we love, meet interesting people and businesses, have fun, and support our families. We do not take your hard earned investment lightly.

A “partnership mentality” isn’t a catch phrase for us in the reinstatement process. It truly speaks to our desire to maximize your investment to the zenith of its potential. Without that desire, we’ll simply fall short in our promise.

We're here to help reinstate your Amazon account or listings so that you may continue to sell and make money on Amazon and or grow your sales. It our promise to you to treat our client's cases as if they were our own suspensions or blocked listings.

#6 — We Will Treat Your Investment As If It Were Our Own

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