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Inauthentic Items

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Inauthentic Item Complaints 

Being suspended from Amazon for inauthentic items or inauthentic item complaints is a very serious matter. After all in 2016 Amazon publicly stated that in 2017 they would ensure the implementation of various barriers and increase the pressure on Amazon sellers to crack down on inauthentic and counterfeit items.

However, it is very important to know that if you are going through an Amazon suspension due to inauthentic item complaints it does NOT necessary mean that your products are in fact inauthentic or that someone submitted an inauthentic item complaint to Amazon.

There are various reasons to explain why Amazon has suspended your Amazon seller account.

At times Amazon may audit your Amazon seller account and or products by requesting your invoices for a certain ASIN. Other times Amazon will request invoices for various ASINs.

Sometimes Amazon does afford you with the opportunity to provide invoices before suspending your account – this should come as a blessing as this has not always been the case - it’s important for the Amazon seller to understand that Amazon is only looking to prove the authenticity of the product.

If you have receipts – it’s important to know that Amazon does accept receipts –however, this may not always be the case as we have seen many times that Amazon rejects Amazon appeals and plan of actions from Amazon seller’s who submit receipts and not invoices despite them clearly stating to the Amazon seller to ‘please provide invoices/receipts’ regarding the ASIN in question.

The other obstacle that Amazon sellers face when attempting to reinstate their Amazon seller accounts that were suspended for inauthentic item complaints is that they will receive continuous emails with request with more information, or information of their supplier or for the same invoice information. This is quite normal and frankly the systematic process Amazon has imposed.

Hope is not lost if you have been suspended for inauthentic item complaints. If you have any questions or concerns about reinstating your Amazon seller account that was suspended due to inauthentic item complaints please let us know and we will address them full.

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