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Is your amazon seller account deactivated or suspended?

Appeal Your Suspended and Deactivated Amazon Seller Account

Amazon has suspended your account ?
Your Amazon Seller account has been deactivated ? Your listings have been removed?

Do you need to reactivate your selling account ?

We offer the highest quality and the most comprehensive professional help to create your Amazon plan of action and reactivate your selling account:

  • We have the experience in dealing with all types of suspended amazon seller accounts and creating the Amazon plan of action to reactivate your suspended or deactivated Amazon selling account.

  • We’re a business that exists solely to help Amazon sellers stay in business, we are trusted by the Amazon community and various Amazon seller businesses, experienced to reactivate and reinstate your deactivated Amazon seller account and restore your Amazon selling privileges.

  • Every case involving a deactivated Amazon Account or Suspended Amazon Account is unique in its own way, so we make sure that the Amazon plan of action we create is customized and tailored to your specific situation.

  • We are people too! We understand the frustrations of having your Amazon seller account deactivated and suspended. Funds and payouts are placed on hold, products aren’t sold and cash flow completely stops. We under you and understand that your family, your partners and or your employees depend heavily on your Amazon seller account to be active and selling.

  • With us you are not only hiring someone to write an Amazon plan of action to reactivate your selling account, you are hiring a business that will provide you with the proper plan of action, tools, knowledge, and support to handle your Amazon deactivated seller account and guide you through the entire process until we reactivate your selling account.

  • If your Amazon seller account has been deactivated don’t risk having your account shut down for good and don’t waste time guessing how to write an Amazon plan of action, let us handle your Amazon account deactivation and your Amazon plan of action the right way to reactivate your selling account.

  • We have various service price plans to help Amazon sellers with deactivated and suspended Amazon seller accounts.


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How Does This Amazon Appeal Service Work?

Hundreds of articles

Review your case and deactivated account

The reinstatement process begins by thoroughly analyzing your Amazon seller suspension and your selling account's information to properly determine how to best help you beat your amazon suspension.

Millions of sellers

Create your Amazon plan of action

Our service we'll provide you with the Amazon suspension help that you need along with the tools and expertise you need to get your Amazon suspended account reinstated.

Dozens of marketplaces

Reactivate your selling account

Once we beat your Amazon seller suspension, you can continue your mission to conquer the world one sale at a time!

The type of deactivated and suspended Amazon cases we can handle

Counterfeit item complaints

Seller code of conduct violations

Review manipulations

used sold as new complaints

Late Shipping rate over 4%

trademark complaints

Product Safety Complaints

ASIN variation violation

Order defect rate above 1% 

Damaged /  Not As Described Complaints

copyright complaints

drop shipping violations

Restricted Product Violations

I couldn’t have reinstated my amazon seller suspension without you guys, Amazon kept giving me the run around but you guys handled my situation without issues.
— Jaynna Lero, SweetCake Tools, Amazon Seller


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