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AMZ Scout's Five Best Strategies For Product Research


How do you find interesting product ideas to sell on Amazon? There are many different ways doing it and here are some of the best strategies.


1. Check pages like Stream, Movers & Shakers, Most Wished For or GoldBox


That’s the most simple Amazon item search strategy. Such pages as Stream, Movers & Shakers, Most Wished For or GoldBox have products that Amazon considers as interesting, they can have new or old products with quickly growing sales or products with high searches. Just open any of these pages and run AMZScout Pro extension. This extension works on such pages. You can sort products in the spreadsheet by RPR (revenue per reviews) to get the most profitable ideas. Check estimated sales and revenue.


If there are too many products, you can use filter the results. What parameters are we interested in? Most likely they are:


📍Price and sales. Price should be suitable and Amazon sales per day must be good. The exact numbers actually depend on your possibilities, expectations, and preferences.

📍Size and weight. It’s always easier to deal with standard products since fulfilled by Amazon fees are lower.

📍FBA. We would like to check only products of Amazon FBA sellers.

📍Products with a lower rating are better since we’ll have a room for improvement.

Once you found an interesting product, be sure to check the niche. It’s more important to find the most profitable niche than a particular product. Use AMZScout extension to check the niche.


2. Check the page “Last minute deals”


The page “Last minute deals” lists the products with discounts. Sellers use discounts to get more reviews and get higher BSR. Usually, it happens in profitable niches. You can explore all deals by the department, price or discount. Choose a department that you are interested in and run AMZScout extension.


It is one of the best tools for Amazon sellers since it works on all pages of Amazon. Sort products by RPR and check items that seem interesting to you. Once you find an interesting product don’t forget to check the whole niche. Is there any room for improvement? Will you be able to compete?


3. Product database search


This strategy requires you to use AMZScout web application and AMZScout 20+ million products database. Just go to amzscout.net/app and select Product Database tab. Click on the filter to select search parameters:

💰Price. Price range can be from $10 to $100, but in fact, it depends on your preferences.

📏 Estimated revenue. The amount you want to earn. It depends on many things and your ambitions first of all.

📝Reviews. We recommend choosing products of Amazon with not more than 100 reviews otherwise it is difficult to enter the top.

✂️Minus some words in the search bar, if you want to exclude some kinds of products.

By the way, you can use the web application to track sales on Amazon. Just use the Product Tracker tab. This is a simple seller tracker that allows you to spy and understand whether a product sells well or not.

When you find a product that seems interesting check it on Amazon website. Check the product niche using the AMZScout extension. Do you like the niche? Can you improve the product?


4. Check Alibaba and other wholesale companies (to create your private label)


Another simple strategy is to look hot new product ideas on Alibaba or similar websites. Search something like “new best selling products on alibaba 2018” in Google. Check products that are popular on Alibaba and then check how they move on Amazon and FBA sales rank.

Use AMZScout extension and sort the list of Amazon products by RPR. What is the revenue? What is the number of reviews? Does this niche seem interesting to you? Is there any brand that dominates this market? Are there many products with high revenue but low number of reviews (less than 100)?


5. Look around yourself


Be creative! Look around and notice even small things! Is there something that seems uncomfortable to you to search in regular shops? Are there products that you feel it’s difficult to find? Does it seems that a product you buy in ordinary shops has unreasonably high price? Do you have any product sets ideas or ideas to improve an available product?

Try to check these products online. Use Amazon search tool. Analyze search results using the AMZScout extension. Will it be a good market? Does a product have good sales? Will you be able to enter this market?




There are many strategies of products research but the most important is to be creative. Source inspiration from everywhere. At the same time, don’t forget about logic and analysis to make sure your idea will work. And let AMZScout tools for Amazon sellers help you!



Features of AMZScout Tool


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