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  • Every suspension is unique in its own way so we make sure that our action plans are customized and tailored to our client's unique suspension or situation.
  • As an Arizona corporation, we are trusted by the Amazon community and are a licensed business that is also accredited. Which allows us to be accountable and responsible to you while we ensure we stay behind you through your reinstatement process.
  • We're also endorsed by various businesses and Amazon sellers as a company that will reinstate your Amazon seller account and or blocked listings. 
  • It's important for our clients to know that we understand their situation in full. Money is tied up, products are not selling and cash flow is not being generated. You, your family, your partners and your employees depends on that money that is generated through your Amazon seller account.
  • By hiring us, you're not just hiring someone to write your Amazon appeal. You're hiring a company that we will guide you, plan and strategize  with you throughout the entire reinstatement process until your Amazon seller account is reinstated. 
  • We'll make sure your account gets reinstated. 
  • Along with our 24-hour turn around time, we also back all of our services with a 60-day money back guarantee to ensure you are satisfied with our service.

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Type of suspension cases that we handle:

Product Safety Complaints

Late Shipping / Pre-Order Cancellation

Order defect rate above 1% 

Damaged /  Not As Described Complaints

I couldn’t have reinstated my account without you guys, Amazon kept giving me the run around but you guys handled my situation without issues.
— Jaynna Lero, SweetCake Tools, Amazon Seller

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